Daniel A.F. Gregory

  • Department of Materials University of Oxford

Email: daniel.gregory@stcatz.ox.ac.uk / daniel.gregory@ideoj.org
Tel: (+44)7513 688 892
Tel: (+32)475 768 262

Selected Projects

  1. Oct 2016 – PhD project – Electroactive organometallic ligands for quantum dot photovoltaicsSelf-designed PhD project looking at developing photo-polymerizing ligands for use in lead sulphide
    quantum dot solar cells, providing high mobility pathways for electrons through a network of conjugated
    bonds. Supplementing experimental research with extensive transmission and scanning transmission
    electron microscopy, focused ion beam milling and electron energy loss spectroscopy.
  2. Sep-Dec 2015 Semester project – SHINE and IPESECreated a Matlab model, energy balances and mass balances for a proposed device by the SHINE initiative.
    Complemented model with experimental data examining the effects of inter-electrode distance, film
    thickness and effect of annealing films on electrolyzer performance.
  3. Sep 2014 Synthesis of Alkyne derivativesSynthesized 12-carbon alkyne chains with protecting groups using schlenk glassware. Products isolated using
    column chromatography and characterized using H-NMR. Synthesis carried out on the multi-gram scale,
    creating valuable stock for the research group.
  4. Feb 2014 Nano-structuring of Polyethylene Films for Use in Organic Photonic Applications
    Successfully demonstrated principles for nanostructured bilayer photonic devices made with a mechanical
    stabilizing agent.Developed skills in wire-bar coating, spin coating, and electron microscopy.
  5. Jun 2013 Once Upon a Time in the Web – An Examination of the Properties of Spider Silk
    Designed a project looking into the potential of spider silk as a wound dressing. Led a team of 5 students in
    wet chemical and dry labs, demonstrated anti-microbial properties and super-contraction of two kinds of
    spider silk.