Sarp Ulas Ocak

  • IDEOJ (UK)
  • CEO Novit.AI, London

Email: /
Tel: +44(755)488 6958

Work Experience

    • Novit.AI London, UK – Founder & CEO
      • Customer-funded the company to a team of six with offices in two countries.
      • Raised the company profile by providing AI policy support to government institutions.
      • Delivered novel AI processing space-based multispectral & radar data for spatial intelligence customers in finance and Edge AI applications to customers in aerospace.
    • Archangel Imaging Farnborough, UK – COO
      • Created a new £2M line of business in transforming previously flyable drone payloads into deployable Edge-AI IoT devices that is still ongoing with new applications.
      • Managed projects and handled deliveries to institutions such as Airbus Defence, MoD.
    • Prepared deliverables and presented to stakeholders from institutions such as ESA.
    • Blutus Bilisim Ankara, Turkey
      • Co-Founder & Interim CEO until September 2015
      • Ensured entry to local accelerators and support programmes
      • Secured a $38.000 R&D grant from the Ministry of Science, Industry & Technology
    • Conceptualised a low-cost swarm AI system for drones and other unmanned vehicles
    • Secured a $120.000 grant from the Ministry of Science, Industry & Tech. & KOSGEB
    • Assembled an all-star team, handled administration, strategy and AI software stack.