The IDEOJ Corporation, as a participating institution of the “CALAMA INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE”, has sent its proposal, in order to participate in the development of scientific capacities with research lines in the city of Calama, as part of a global consortium that will create the Chilean Institute of Clean Technologies in the Antofagasta Region.

Calama Innovation and Sustainability Committee (CISC) ”, is aimed at consolidating itself as a space for continuous support and collaboration for companies in the Antofagasta Region, which require support in R&D and innovation issues, with the purpose of converting this zone in a pole of development in new technologies, providing a space for growth, technical and professional advice in the different stages involved in the implementation, formulation, design and definition of R&D&i projects and their management.

Our proposal consisted of installing scientific capabilities with research lines in the city of Calama and as a “subsidiary” or “test field” of the ICTL Institute with headquarter in Antofagasta.

Calama offers unique conditions for test fields and offers close proximity to the main copper and lithium miners in the region. It is a strategic place and according to the announcements made it would be within the country’s priorities to install R&D&i capabilities in places or cities where they do not exist. Calama has approximately 180,000 inhabitants, a city of this size should have jobs for engineers and scientists in the area. Currently, most people with a more scientific profile have to migrate to other cities in the country. In the area, due to its proximity to the main metallic and non-metallic mining operations, it has enormous human capacity, experts in the mining processes and businesses associated with them.

The “CISC” project tries to increase the rate of R&D and innovation in the Antofagasta Region and exploits the advantages presented by the El Loa Province to turn it into a development pole, through the establishment of scientific and innovation capabilities, which will achieve as an end, articulate the flow of information, knowledge and collaboration between companies. Stimulating innovation ecosystems in the region that increase participation in R&D initiatives and projects of participating companies.