Ace Match, the new app, developed entirely in chile, that proposes to simplify the search for competition in social tennis, which in a couple of taps allows you to schedule a meeting and enjoy a great experience.

Sascha Koslowsky, president of IDEOJ Corporation, had the opportunity to meet with Hermes Gamonal, a former Chilean professional tennis player, who left professional tennis at age 28, but who is still linked to tennis from technology, has been working on a social innovation application, which allows practice and development of social tennis from a more practical, organized and competitive level, giving this recreational space a better development, with the most important component in any sport that is competitiveness.

“We created Ace Match to massify the tennis competition in Chile. Now you can always find someone to play with, whenever you want”, in the words of Hermes Gamonal.

Ace Match is the application that will allow you to get closer to your best tennis, facing pairs. After downloading the app and entering your data, the application will guide you to contact people of your competitive level, having 4 scales and a detailed ranking for each one, allowing you to face competitions for your current capacity and have traceability of your performance.

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This platform is in test run, and offers a well-developed experience, it is linked today to 2 clubs (Sirio Stadium and Palestinian Stadium), even so, the application is in process of expansion, which ensures that the meeting unfolds without problems, allowing its users to see the real-time availability of players in their category, to have a court in a club associated with the application , tennis balls, hydration, also offers an optional chair judge.

You can find the detail, about its use and download, on its official website here.