Our team of talented professionals has the expertise to work on innovation projects and to help solve global challenges.

We work as an integral part with our collaborators to help research and develop technologies for a sustainable future.


Prof. Andrew Watt

Director IDEOJ / Associate Professor of Materials

Andrew leads a group of 14 scientists on energy materials research from the synthesis of new nanomaterials through to the fabrication, characterization and application of devices. The group has considerable experience in the synthesis of nanomaterials, thin film device fabrication, optoelectronic materials characterisation and advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques. Recent highlights include, the demonstration of vacuum thermal evaporation of conducting polymers for solar cells, high resolution TEM imaging of polymer lamellae in bulk heterojunction photovoltaic devices, and the initial demonstration of a SnS nanocrystal heterojunction thin film photovoltaic devices.

Prof. Malcolm McCulloch

Director IDEOJ-TRC / Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Malcolm is an associate professor in Engineering Science and a professor at Christchurch College. In 1993 he moved to Oxford University to start up the electric power group. Climate change, resource depletion and social inequality are the major challenges facing our civilization. The focus of the group has now shifted to developing and commercializing sustainable energy technologies. It has active research programs in the domestic use of energy, transport and the generation of renewable energy.

Prof. Mauro Pasta

Director IDEOJ-DERC / Associate Professor of Materials

My research interests lie in electrochemical energy storage and conversion, with an emphasis on:

1) Energy storage: Li and Na-ion batteries, grid-scale energy storage.

2) Energy conversion: power from salinity gradients (blue energy), seawater desalination and delithiation.

3) Electrocatalysis: organic molecules electroxidation, ORR and HER reactions, carbon dioxide sequestration and electroreduction.

Dr. Ruy Sebastian Bonilla

Director IDEOJ-DERC / Associate Professor of Materials

Sebastian received a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. He has interned for the CERN and for Asylum Research (CA), and completed an MPhil degree in Micro and Nanotechnology at the University of Cambridge, UK. He was a lecturer in Electronics at Universidad de los Andes in 2010. He later completed a Doctorate in Materials in the Oxford Semiconductor Group in 2015 and he is now an EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow conducting research on new methods of surface passivation for silicon solar cells.

Sascha Koslowsky

Director IDEOJ

Sascha holds a degree in International Business from the University of Pforzheim in Germany with an MBA from Oxford University. Among other companies, he worked for SAP, T-Mobile, Geminis and Jaguar Land Rover before co-founding IDEOJ. His interests lie mainly in innovation in energy and transport. He lives in the Atacama Desert.

Cristina Mercado

Directora IDEOJ

Cristina is a Commercial Engineer, Partner and Manager of Administration and Finance in Grupo Géminis, one of the largest transportation companies in Northern Chile. With her broad knowledge of the needs of the region and the industry, she is looking for solutions to solve existing and future challenges, improving competitiveness and quality of life through research and technological innovation.

Dr. Philipp Grünewald

Director IDEOJ-DERC / EPSRC Fellow

Phil developed laser processing tools for the manufacture of thin film photovoltaic panels. Prior to this, he was part of a small team that developed the first micro stepper Extreme UltraViolet (EUV) for Intel (these tools are early prototypes for future production tools).

Phil is supported by a BSc in Business Studies from Wedel (Germany), a Masters in Sustainable Energy Futures from Imperial College and an interdisciplinary fellowship for his doctorate at the UK Energy Research Center.

Dr. Amin Al Yaquob

Director IDEOJ-DERC / Executive Director SASIA

Amin is Executive Director of the Saudi Arabian Solar Industry Association (SASIA) and Director of Business Development for Global Projects Development Holding (or Global Tatweer), which provides comprehensive technical, financial and logistic services in the area of renewable energy and desalination of water in the GCC region. He has led several clean technology start-ups in Saudi Arabia and Japan, developing partnerships with international investors and suppliers. He holds a Ph.D. from Doshisha University, Japan in the area of renewable energy promotion policy. His research has been in the areas of renewable energy policy dissemination, the dynamics of the renewable energy market and the challenges of integrating renewable energy. He holds a Master's Degree in Global Business Administration from Doshisha University, Japan, specializing in the promotion of photovoltaic clusters and industry-university collaboration.

Peter Horn

Director IDEOJ-DERC/ Executive Director Heliplast

Peter is Executive Director at Christof Horn y Cía Ltda, known by the name Heliplast which is a German Chilean family company, pioneer and specialized in renewable energies - mainly solar photovoltaic - that began operations on July 16, 1984 in the Chilean market focused on consulting, commercialization, import and installation of systems and components related to solar electric power, small wind and mini hydraulics.

Tony Seba

Director IDEOJ-DERC / Autor and Entrepreneur

Tony is the author of 'Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation', 'Solar Trillions - 7 Market and Investment Opportunities in the Emerging Economy of Clean Energy' and 'Winner Takes All - 9 Fundamental Rules of High Tech Strategy'. He is an instructor at Stanford University Continuing Studies Program where he has taught Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy and has taught at some of the world's top high tech companies like Google, Inc. Tony brings more than 20 years of solid operation experience in high-tech companies and fast-growing clean technology. He led two rounds of venture capital raising more than $ 31 million in funds. Tony has been a keynote speaker at hundreds of company conferences and events addressing some of the world's most pressing issues: disruption based on technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and the future of energy and transportation.