“More Capable” Program: German exhibitor talks about renewable energies

The closing of the course of Installer of Energy Generation Systems, that imparts the University of Aconcagua as part of the program “Más Capaz”, closed yesterday with the talk of the German engineer of the University of Oxford, Sascha Koslowsky, who specializes in the Management of research and development projects.


After the talk, the expert said that “for the energy projects that were already built and those that come, a specialized workforce is needed in these technologies”, so he valued the training that concluded yesterday 20 students, many of them women, who can continue to deepen their knowledge and acquire a technical title.

Koslowsky, who was consulted on the situation of non-conventional renewable energies in Chile, said: “There are many actors who should run in the same direction: Companies, politicians and the community, who should be convinced that this is the solution for the generation of energy” he said.

“I like the mix of making large-scale installations and, on the other hand, also promoting the decentralization of power generation. I think we will need more and more energy, electric cars and appliances, which should go from gas to electric, then the demand for electricity will be increasing, “he added.

On this last point, the engineer said that he believes that the home generation of energy will expand, but also recognizes that in countries such as Germany, where this is a reality, it is largely due to subsidies provided by the government.


The coordinator of the program, Guillermo Cáceres explained that the talk of Koslowsky was part of the closing ceremony of the course Installer of Energy Generation Systems, which has a continuity to superior technician of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. This course that is part, together with Tourism and Risk Management, of the program “Más Capaz”. “This initiative prepares students, not only to work under the dependency of an employer, but also gives a good start to begin a venture, to develop their own companies,” he said.

Source: Mercurio Calama