Understanding the current needs of the energy market, ou corporation focuses on launching projects that are in line with the use of energy, as concept and path.

This project focuses on the construction of a thermal case for deep discharge batteries, used in off-grid photovoltaic systems such as solar luminaires, remote telecommunications sites, telemetry equipment or other sites, where the access to the electricity grid is not possible.

The batteries operate better at an ambient temperature of 25 °C or slightly less, and any deviation, towards higher or lower temperatures, causes a variation in the yield and/or the longevity of the same. As a result of the strong daily thermal fluctuation or thermal wave of the environment in the northern zone of Chile, it is necessary to be able to protect the sources of energy. From there the idea of ​​building this enclosing box was born, testing different types of insulating materials with a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, producing a balance in the interior temperature of the box and attenuating as much as possible, the above-mentioned thermal wave.


Overall Objective:

  • Build a thermal case, that appease the thermal oscillation generated by the environment, stabilizing the internal temperature between 20 °C and 25 ° C. The project has a duration of 10 months.

Specific objectives:

  • Obtain insulating thermal materials that resist the low temperatures reached at night
  • Develop a cooling system that reduces high temperatures produced during the day.
  • Achieve obtaining optimal operating temperatures in deep water batteries, reaching the standards of useful life recommended by the manufacturer.


The construction of this thermal case, which has high resistance to low temperatures, in order to maintain the internal temperature in a stable manner. The construction of this case will be made in 3D printing (plastic in 3mm thick). The design of the structure is designed for an insulating material, with a thickness of 30mm (for this thickness the thermal resistance is 1.07 m²K / W, λ = 0.028 W / mK) on all sides with the dimensions to accommodate a battery and withstand the cooling system.

According to the opinion of Ricardo Araya, Project Engineer of IDEOJ, “the Thermal Case for Batteries is born It is born from the thermal variation that the Atacama desert generates and that affects the useful life and the performance of deep discharge batteries.,Significantly raising our maintenance cost”.

He also adds his personal impression from the R&D of this project, “The development of this innovation projects, was very rewarding and professionally enriching. As an innovator, the challenge is to think big, believe in your resources, your professional history and have the conviction of having just enough to conceive an idea, with a high potential for innovation.