Fleet Management and Control System

We have developed a Fleet Management and Control System (SGCF) with the aim of improving the efficiency of transport services and the safety of drivers and passengers. This system allows access, in real time, to relevant information to facilitate the decision making of possible en-route problems.

How does the SGCF work?

The SGCF is a system designed to manage through a web portal all the areas that make up a transport company. At the moment we access the organizational website, we have all the information related to: Assets, Human Resources, Services, Maintenance, Risk Prevention, Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Finances, Quality, and Audit Results. .

The operation of the SGCF is based on the installation of automated electronic devices. These send information in real time, by means of wireless remote communication to the web servers, through applications developed for this purpose. In addition, this system also allows integration with other information systems, thus increasing its effectiveness.

The Fleet Management and Control System consists of three main systems related to each other: on the one hand the Road Control System (SCR), on the other the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and finally the Management System and Reports (SGR).

When we access the organizational web portal through our user and personal key, the system allows us to interact with information based on our role in the company. That is, our access to information is in line with our area of ​​work and position.

The SGCF offers us a complete work area where all aspects of the company are gathered. From the management system we can control the availability of drivers, taking control of vacation periods and licenses, and at the same time meet all documentary requirements such as contracts, insurance, etc.

On the other hand, it offers the possibility of online support for requests, incident tracking, to which all authorized users have access. This allows better communication between all members of the company, which means an improvement in human resources management and business planning. But let us look in detail at the structure of the SGCF.

Structure of the SGCF

First we have the SCR, or Route Control System. This system is based on the installation of electronic devices in the vehicle, which tells us the information concerning: location, speed, number of passengers, driver assigned to the vehicle and planned route.

The SCR allows us to track in real time all the details noted above. With this information we have the possibility to execute the actions that are necessary for the good operation of the service, such as: scheduling the services, verifying the realization of the same and generating states of payment.

Second, the ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System, gives us the information about any other department of the company that does not cover the SCR.

And third, the Management and Reporting System, allows you to create graphical reports for all areas of work. The reports will give us clear and detailed information on incidents, speeds, occupation, documents, dangerous substances, medical examinations, etc. And all in standard graphic formats like Excel, Pdf or Csv.

All these elements will help to prevent risks, since we will have control over all areas and departments of the company in a clear and visual way.