IDEOJ is creating a new world-class network of research, development, innovation and design, a mayor new investment in the innovation landscape.

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”.

(Attributed to William Gibson)



Define the goals and describe the problems.


IDEOJ will propose a team of experts and collaborators.


Collaboration agreements, Consortium or Foundation.


Private investment and / or application to national and international funds.


Results: patents, publications and / or prototypes.


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Understanding the current needs of the energy market, ou corporation focuses on launching projects that are in line with the use of energy, as concept and path. This project focuses...

The use of Hydrogen in Diesel engines

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Due to the high dependency of the current society of petroleum and other fossil fuels for all types of products, and large-scale consumption of these as the main fuel for…

Solar Research from Oxford

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Solar Solar is the only renewable energy source which could, in principle, easily meet all the world’s energy needs. With 15% efficiency (already available from Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar…

Intelligent power systems

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Motivated by the urgency of moving away from conventional fossil fuels to alternatives, we investigate many different aspects of energy systems within the group. Intermittent energy sources (including PV, wind…

Transportation Research from Oxford

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Transport Transport accounts for almost a third of the world’s final energy consumption. Energy use in transport is expected to grow by 38% from 2010 to 2030, slightly faster than…

Solar Car: The Future is Eco-Responsible

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The solar car, is a future bet that we have developed within our vision of conscious company. We know that renewable energy is the most sensible option for the care…

Specific strategies for established car manufacturers

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Mobility is a huge challenge, especially in congested and polluted urban cities. Some cities have centralized transportation systems; Others rely on market forces and still others use a mixture of…

Fleet Management and Control System

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We have developed a Fleet Management and Control System (SGCF) with the aim of improving the efficiency of transport services and the safety of drivers and passengers. This system allows…

Discover the Blue Energy and its great potential

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The Blue Energy or osmotic energy is the energy that is obtained by the difference of salinity between the sea water and the river water. This type of energy has…

Storage – New hybrid electrode

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The steady increase in energy consumption, mainly based on fossil fuels, is causing an alarming increase in CO2 emissions, causing a major impact on climate change. The alternative could be…

Sodium-Ion Batteries

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The environment and energy are one of the main areas of concern of the 21st century. Climate change associated with increasing CO2 in the atmosphere and the depletion of fossil…

Solid State Batteries: A Promising Revolution

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Numerous research has focused on the search for new, electrochemically stable, ionic conductors that enable better performance of rechargeable batteries. Batteries containing organic electrolytes are cheaper and easier to manufacture;…

Nanowire Semiconductors

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A nanowire is a wire with a diameter of the magnitude of a nanometer. They can be defined as structures having a lateral size restricted to ten or less nanometers and…

Improve the efficiency of silicon solar cells

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Solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly sources, which in principle could provide all the energy needed for the planet. Solar cells use the photovoltaic effect to convert…

Graphene: the future of solar cells

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Graphene has the characteristic of having an excellent conductivity, this kingdom to its transparency makes the element that can transform the future of solar energy. Research with Graphene confirms that…

All about Einstein’s Fridge

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Einstein developed an ecological fridge with Leo Szilard in 1926. By that time, the refrigerators used toxic gases and refrigerants. The use of these gases such as methyl chloride, ammonia…

Organic Photovoltaic Cells

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Nowadays, uncertainty about the energy future is growing more and more. The energy sources that contribute most today are limited in nature and it is vital to find renewable resources….